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Are you looking for a franchise web design company that can turn your website into a high-converting sales machine? Do you feel as if prospects that visit your site may look elsewhere because of its inability to grab their attention fast enough? If so, let your search for a professional website designer end with Kelly Webmasters and Marketers.

Why hiring our franchise website design company is the right choice?

Franchise Website Design

Process of Web Design Services

To consistently provide professional web design services that exceed the expectations of our consumers, we perform the same approach to each project, no matter the page density, workload intensity, or end goal. This also includes businesses seeking a new website design on an already-existing site.

Consumer Research

Through consumer research, we develop a strategy that will assist in creating more engagement from targeted end-users. Examples of demographics that may fall under the perfect niche audience for a site may include certain age groups, genders, colors, the intent of being on the site, the best way for the consumer to convert, and much more.

Content Implementation

After we have our target audience in mind, we produce high-quality content that we’ll use to design around. We’ll write, rewrite, and restructure the content as needed to fit perfectly throughout the design. This also gives us a great opportunity to really understand more about the business, its services or products, and its ideal consumer.


Because we have a unique design approach to each project, we use wireframing to prepare the structure of the site before implementing any code. Similar to a blueprint, a wireframe helps us with planning the most optimal foundation to build the front-end of the site. At times, we create it physically on a piece of paper, but it eventually ends up on a computer program.


Next, we’ll begin designing the website with software including Photoshop, Figma, Adobe XD, and Illustrator. Prior to implementing it on the server, you’ll have the ability to see what the current state of the design looks like. With all projects, big or small, we aim for a premium look that matches your brand.


After we have our target audience in mind, we produce high-quality content that we’ll use to design around. We’ll write, rewrite, and restructure the content as needed to fit perfectly throughout the design. This also gives us a great opportunity to really understand more about the business, its services or products, and its ideal consumer.

Quality Control

Lastly, we’ll go over every aspect of the site, including the wording, imagery, functionality, and overall replicating what the common user experience will be like. This final checkup, in our eyes, is critical as it gives us one last chance to dot our i’s and cross our t’s.

We Thrive On DELIGHTING Clients & Driving RESULTS

Don’t just take our word for it! Take a look at how we’ve helped these businesses thrive via our team’s dedication and creativity. We’re supremely confident we can help you achieve the same.

Kid City USA
Within one year, this preschool & daycare franchise grew from 45 to 71 locations and has a 1332% ROI in traffic value each month.
Marco Island Dolphin Tour
From one boat to half a dozen in 3 different Marinas, Marco Island Dolphin Tour exploded in tourist growth. With pure organic traffic, they rose to the top of search engines over the years.
clearvision Detailing
We set the bar high with our superior mobile car detailing services in Sarasota. Along with interior and exterior detailing, we offer paint correction, ceramic coating, and waxing to cars, RVs, boats, jetskis, jets, and helicopters.
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Type of Web Design Services We Offer

Our web design company focuses on creating solutions for three main categories: small businesses that service a local area, eCommerce sites that target national consumers, and small landing page sites to generate leads.

Small Business Web Design

Small Business Web Design

Our small business web design services are tailored for companies that are serving consumers in Naples, Collier County, and the Southwest Florida area. Because we emphasize on working with small, local businesses in town, this is usually what most seek – a solution to showcase their products and services to both residential and seasonal individuals.
Franchise Web Design

Franchise Web Design

Franchises typically have larger, more complicated needs than a small business does as they have multiple locations. So when it comes to our franchise web design services, we’ll design a site capable of expanding new location pages as well as it being attractive to both consumers and potential investors looking to buy in to the franchise.
E-Commerce Web Design

E-Commerce Web Design

For businesses that are looking to sell their products or services online, our eCommerce web design services include everything from creating categories, brand, and product pages to implementing an easy user experience for consumers. Our enhancements include upsells, cross-sells, urgency timing, variable products, and more to turn prospects into customers.
Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design

With our landing page design service, we typically create a one-page website that is primarily used to generate leads through form submissions, funnels, or phone calls. Individuals that invest in this are, for the most part, aspiring entrepreneurs that are just starting out and want a small website that they can use until they grow and expand.

Web Design Pricing

Our pricing structure is based on how many hours of design and development are involved. For new, small businesses, a landing page may suffice whereas a franchise or enterprise company may require a more in-depth design. Regardless of which tier you go with, you’ll receive nothing less than unparalleled services being done.


Is your business new and needs a website to showcase your services? Our Bronze web design service is perfect for you.


If your business needs an upgraded site, or you have more capital to invest, our Silver web design service is ideal.


For companies that intend on having a lot of traffic and need a top-of-the-line design, choose our Gold web design service.

Platinum +

For the most amount of effort spent on a website, our Platinum+ web design service is what your company needs.

Web Design Pricing
Pages Included
Hours of Development
Investment Amount
Additional Page Price

Become A Part Of A Thriving Portfolio

To eliminate conflict of interest and to ensure that we provide superior internet marketing services, we accept clients according to an application-based portfolio framework. Once your application is approved, you will have access to the following benefits:

Inclusion in beta testing of new services and marketing tactics. Free upgrades when KWM receives a new portfolio investment. Guaranteed growth resulting from our unique 50% research, 40% preparation, and 10% execution approach.